Cleansing For Self-Improvement


Your recipe for Self-Improvement Month is Detoxification. While your body is equipped to handle most toxins, it can be inhibited when you skimp on nutrients and proper hydration. That’s where cleansing comes in.

A detox is a lifestyle change to clear your body of toxins. It can be a permanent or temporary change.

Here’s one recipe to detox your body:

Choose the right foods. The key is organic vegetables and fruits over fast food and other processed foods.
Investigate different diets. Options include a raw alkaline diet, juice diet and vegan diet.
Exercise and mediate. Sweating releases toxins; meditation reduces stress. Simple as that.
Drink lots of water. The most valuable tool removes waste. Add lemon or cucumber if you get bored.
Clear the air: Invest in a high-quality air purification device or some house plants.
Consider a complete body detox: Organ-focused. Especially rewarding if you have patience.