An Important Message on Cancellations & No Shows


We have unfortunately been experiencing a lot of last minute cancellations and no shows.

Fortunately, this letter is not meant for every client who visits Spa la Vie.

Our intention for this message is meant to educate the few clients who need a gentle reminder or maybe even a new awareness surrounding a dilemma that not only directly affects us, but an industry that is full of licensed professionals who are committed to helping you look and feel amazing!

Now before I jump into this dilemma, let me first give a big heartfelt thank you to those who really don’t need to read this letter. You, who view us as the professionals that we are – we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

For those of you who commit to the appointments you make, who run on time, and who would never no-show on a professional – thank you!

You enable us to generate levels of success that allow us to invest in the best products and continuing education to provide you with amazing results.

You, beautiful & totally amazing clients, are not only the reason we love what we do, you are the reason we can pay our bills, support our families, put food on our tables, and keep our business doors open.

For those who understand that it takes mutual respect to run a professional beauty business – Thank You!

Now, to the attention of those who minimize, challenge or worse yet, completely disregard, the policies of a beauty & wellness business, I want to take a second and help you understand what happens when you decide to cancel last minute, miss, or chronically run late to your appointments.

Maybe you don’t understand, but when you choose to not show up for the appointment you scheduled, the therapist you booked with does not get paid. And we rely on our appointments to pay for the necessities of life.

Before deciding to cancel last minute or no show for a future appointment, please consider how you would feel if you showed up at work and your boss informed you that they were going to deduct hours of your pay each week because they felt like it.

Here’s the thing, when you cancel the 'day of' or no-show for your appointment, you are essentially taking time & money away from the professional.

In a service- based business where appointments must be booked ahead,  your appointment time is reserved for and dedicated to you and only you. We can’t ‘sell’ that time to someone else waiting for that spot if we don’t know in advance that you aren’t going to be there.

If you will kindly give us at least 24-hour cancellation notice before the end of business the day before, we can usually fill that time and everyone wins. It’s not a lot to ask and it makes a huge difference.

For those of you who may show up but always run late, let me share what happens in that scenario… most often it means that you will lose out on your investment (at least part of it).

Here’s why…

Your beauty & wellness therapist may be forced to rush, or will be working under pressure, which results in the quality of work being less than what it would otherwise be. And it's not always possible to extend your treatment beyond the original appointment, because then it runs into our next clients time, which is completely unfair to them. Simply put, you won’t get the full benefit of what you are required to pay for.

In this case, you may feel slighted, but the therapist will feel crappy too. As a professional in this business, I can tell you that we all want to give every client our best. We take great pride in our work and it feels awful to have to do a rush job and be unable to give you 100%… no one wins.

I know I speak for many when I say that we beauty & wellness professionals, go to work every day with our clients’ best interest at heart. We love our work and our work is providing you with great service. When you show up on time, this gives us the ultimate opportunity to provide you with a fantastic experience.

Look, we are all human and we all make mistakes sometimes. We completely understand that emergencies will come up. And we are always willing to work together for a win-win and even give a free pass from time to time to those who encounter a rare circumstance that does not allow them to make it in and who does not take advantage of our generosity & compassion.

Our sole intention is to simply educate, and give everyone a well deserved and blissful experience. Thank you for respecting our policies and allowing us to show up as professionals who are humbled & grateful for the opportunity to earn your business.