National Tea Day! A drink for when you’re exhausted

You don’t have to rely on caffeine and energy drinks when you feel exhausted – turn to a healthier option and you won’t get the slump that often affects you after you’ve overdone the stimulants!

Green tea could be the refreshing brew that you’re looking for when you feel your energy levels hit the wall on a busy day.

Green tea is delicious, comes in many different flavors and varieties, and it contains L-theanine, an amino acid that’s known to help increase your alpha brain waves (which is what happens when you meditate). Alpha waves flood your body when you meditate and are associated with feelings of calm and relaxation and—perfect for those stressed out afternoons when you need to calm down a bit because you feel utterly worn out but want to get some focus without a jolt of caffeine in your system. Plus, it tastes awesome!

Launching next month - Herbal Remedies & Vitali-Tea Bar!  Inspired by the Vitality Bar at Naturopathic Chelsea (NYC), our new Vitality Bar brings your spa wellness full circle. A truly holistic experience with unique and delectable tonics and elixirs that work with the body's natural processes to promote skin radiance, relieve stress, restore sore muscles and enhance vitality. Naturopathica teas, tinctures, and fortified honeys are designed to support overall well-being and inspired your own healing journey outside of the treatment room.