The joys of the Brazilian wax


If you’re new to waxing, going straight for a Brazilian bikini wax is quite a step; most people dip their toes in with a basic bikini wax first and then try a Brazilian.

Why women remove their hair
Most women just like the way it looks – we groom everywhere else so why not our pubic hair? Most women say they prefer a neater, cleaner look.

Many women love their Brazilian waxes, and although yes, they hurt a bit and yes, if you’re not used to having your most intimate areas out for inspection it can feel awkward, once you’ve seen the results you’ll be hooked.

Top tips for breezing a Brazilian

It’s always going to feel awkward at first; you’re showing your nether regions to a stranger (or you might know the esthetician which could be even more awkward depending on your perspective) but you can’t get around that. Try to relax. You might feel a little apprehensive at first but don’t worry, your esthetician will put you at ease and answer any questions you might have.

Before your appointment

Make sure that your hair is at around 1/4-inch-long before your wax. Don’t let it get too long, in general if you’re a shaver you need to wait about three weeks after a shave before getting a wax. If any of your hairs are too short, they cannot be removed properly. A follow up in a week may be recommended.

Use the toilet - If you must use the bathroom, go before the wax. You really don’t want to be needing the bathroom halfway though.
Shower – as well as being cleaner, a warm shower opens your pores so the hair will come out easier.
Exfoliate – if you exfoliate your skin before a wax it helps to stop any dead skin cells getting in the way of your hair being pulled out by the root.
Wear Comfy Clothes -Wear something that’s loose-fitting for a waxing appointment as your skin will probably feel more sensitive than usual afterwards, which could be irritating if you’re wearing tight clothes. Underwear wise – avoid thongs because of wax residue, and opt for loose, comfy and not your favourites.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will it hurt & Do you need painkillers?
The short answer is YES, it will hurt. We are removing hair from your follicle and some pain will occur. Although we technically can not tell you to to take any medication, Some people swear by taking a pain killer, like ibuprofen, about an hour or so before a waxing. Some people don’t bother with any pain relief – it’s your choice. See how you go, you might want to try it the first time and then realise it really wasn’t so bad. The more you continue with waxing the easier and less painful it will be.

What if you get your period?
It’s not a great idea to get a wax on your period – not just because it makes things more awkward for the esthetician, but also because it tends to hurt more. You’re more sensitive when you’re on your period and with the best intentions it can still get a bit messy sometimes.

After care
Take it easy after you’ve had a wax and try to avoid doing any workouts or activity that might get you sweaty. It’s not a good idea to sweat too much after a wax, so for a day or so afterwards you have an excuse for missing the gym.

Avoid in-grown hairs by exfoliating after the wax as well as before. You can try using a body scrub from the drugstore that has beads in it, just anything that has a bit of an exfoliating effect.

Skip the razor. Don’t return to shaving to remove any hairs as they continue to grow back in. Hair grows in multiple cycles and will take multiple sessions to see improvement. Should any hair be left behind call us to schedule your follow up to remove any missed hairs.

Don’t forget to book your next appointment. As you continue with waxing the hair becomes less dense and less coarse, making it easier to remove.