14 Great Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Short on Mother’s Day gift ideas, but want to do something perfect to let your mom know how much you love her? Read on!

  1. Treat your mom to a spa day! If she rather choose her own treatments, we recommend purchasing a gift card! 
  2. A great Mother’s Day gift idea is to prepare a coupon book filled with special treats (“Lunch together!”), some help (“I’ll clean out your pantry”) or anything else you know your mother will enjoy. Martha Stewart has a template and detailed instructions on making one.
  3. If your mom adores a certain scent, say lavender for example, purchase a product, bath salts or gift set including that scent. We have several to choose from!
  4. How about a pretty “Mommin’ Ain’t Easy” t-shirt?
  5. Chatbooks offers lovely hardcover, made-to-order photo books.
  6. Paper Source will customize the cover of one of its pretty journals with your mom’s name.
  7. The Death by Chocolate Trunk is stuffed with chocolate bars, fudge brownie mix, cookies, truffle bars, chews and more, all the very best from gourmet chocolatiers.
  8. Mother’s Day Pillows from Shutterfly come in different designs, and best of all, feature your photos.
  9. Make your mom a thin, customized bangle for her wrist; maybe one with the name of each of her children or grandchildren.
  10. Check out this personalized, 2mm hammered sterling silver ring.
  11. A lovely lavender-scented sleep mask helps your mom block the light and get some good rest.
  12. Give her some beautiful, handmade, pink paper ranunculus flowers to brighten her office every day.
  13. Your mom can drop a few essential oils into the shower and let the steam swirl the revitalizing essential oils around her.
  14. Or go for something she’ll smile about every morning with her coffee: A mug that says, “I love how we don’t even need to say it out loud that I’m your favorite child.”

Looking for something mom can use more than once? Ask us about membership packages for a gift mom can enjoy all year round!