9 Symptoms Caused by Stress and the Best Spa Treatments to Treat Them

April is Stress Awareness Month.

Stress describes the pressures we all face every day – physical, emotional, mental or even chemical. It activates your sympathetic nervous system, releasing stress hormones throughout your body, and this makes you ready to handle a sudden stressful event. It prepares you to take emergency action.

But when there’s no relief from stress, no down time, that’s when it becomes a problem. Then it becomes “distress,” which is a negative stress reaction.

But there are ways to manage and alleviate stress. Take a break and schedule the most helpful spa treatment for the specific type of stress you are facing.

Try an aromatherapy massage like our Bliss or AromaTouch treatments, to reduce the negative effects of stress hormones such as cortisol.

Tense muscles
Hot stones also expand blood vessels, which encourages blood flow throughout the body. The hot stones have a sedative effect that can relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and promote deep relaxation. Our AromastoneMassage uses Himalayan Salt Stones as well as essential oils to reduce tension.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt Stones include:

  • Increase blood circulation
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Improve sleep
  • Induce deep relaxation
  • Improve overall sense of well-being
  • Restore depleted minerals to the skin, thereby softening and moisturizing it
  • Reduce signs of aging
  • Clean and purify the air and may balance the ions in the surrounding environment.

Body aches
These can be reduced through stretching and massage. Choose a day spa that offers Thai massage, which includes stretching.

Insomnia or other sleep problems
Special massage for insomnia, sometimes combined with aromatherapy, helps your body decompress and relax into slumber.

Nail biting
Schedule a relaxing manicure and throw in a pedicure, too.

Massage that focuses on the neck, shoulders and head will decrease the discomfort and pain of tension and migraine headaches. Try a Mind Relaxer Massage

Skin problems
Reserve a facial to nourish and repair your skin or a full-body exfoliation that will leave you feeling relaxed and silky.

Impatience or short temper
Massage increases your level of serotonin, the hormone that makes you happy and causes you to have a positive outlook. And smelling a fragrance during an aromatherapy treatment causes your olfactory receptors send a message to your limbic system, which deals with your instincts, moods and emotions.

Back pain
People have used hot stone therapy since ancient times. Usually, heated basalt river rocks are used because they retain heat and are smooth. They warm, relax and soothe aching muscles.

Don’t let stress get the best of you. We offer solutions to help you!  Contact us for a consultation!