Aromatherapy for Winter Blues


Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) affects around 5 per cent of the US population, but we can all feel a bit flat at this time of the year.

Fewer hours of daylight, less sunshine, and having to deal with cold weather all contribute to a general feeling of lethargy and once the holidays are over it can feel as if the sunny skies of spring are a long way away.

Aromatherapy is a really effective way to lift your spirits naturally; try these aromatic tips to boost your mood on chilly, miserable winter days.

Winter aromatherapy blends

Some essential oils naturally work well at this time of year. A couple of our favorites are:

Blend #1

  •   3 drops Orange
  •   2 drops Grapefruit

Blend #2

  •   3 drops Bergamot

  •   1 drop Neroli

  •   1 drop Jasmine

    For a winter-busting massage oil blend, multiply the number of drops by two so that you have ten drops of essential oil, and add them to a dark bottle. Mix the drops with 1 fl. ounce carrier oil and shake well.

    You can also use them in a diffuser; just multiply the number of drop above by four so that there are 20 drops in total, add to a dark colored glass bottle and mix well. Add the pure essential oil drops to a diffuser and enjoy.