When A Massage Is Not A Good Idea

You have probably read many times the benefits to your immune system that massage can provide. With all that circulation boosting touch you will feel great!

So when you’re feeling miserable achy and tired from the cold or flu – I could see how a massage may appear to be the best remedy after some chicken soup.

Here is the thing though – it’s actually NOT a good idea to get a massage when you’re unwell and it’s because of the exact good it does to body! Confused? Lets explore this further.

When you get a massage you increase the circulation in your body and the manipulation of your muscles increases the work your lymphatic system has to do. This can make you feel congested and icky for a short while as your body is working to fight a virus, and working harder than normal to bring you back to equilibrium.

Now imagine if you’re unwell and you already have symptoms of a cold or flu and you put your already hard working body into overdrive to deal with everything a massage pushes through.

You actually will feel worse and sicker as your immune system is already under duress and now you have just put more pressure on it than it can handle.

You will take longer to get better, you will feel worse and you as you have compromised your immune system (and likely gone out in public) there is a very good chance you could catch something else during your time of weakness.

This is generally the main reason why we encourage their clients to not get a massage if they are unwell. The benefits don’t outweigh the pressure on your immune system.

Of course there are other social niceties to consider such as sharing your germs with someone who is well is never well appreciated. The best way to stop the spread of a cold or flu is to simply stay at home as much as you can and ride it until you are no longer contagious and almost healed. I have seen in the past some clients come back too early to get treatment and then have a relapse in symptoms as it was too much for their body to handle so take your time to heal your body and take it easy.

Our therapists are commission based, so remember every time they are unwell they are not earning an income and their entire book of clientele are missing out on their healing hands.

So if you are under the weather instead of dragging your sore and tired body out into the world and yourself into the spa, stay at home and rest. Sleep, drink lots of fluids and concentrate on that chicken soup.

I will see you next week!