Pedicures & Nail Fungus


Summer is in full swing and while we all want to show off those toes in cute sandals & flip flops, there is something VERY important we must express ... For the health & safety of everyone who comes to Spa la Vie, we cannot treat anyone with nail fungus.

Nail fungus is highly contagious! It is also against state regulations to provide a pedicure (or any service) to someone who has an infectious & spreadable disease like a nail fungus – To protect you and all of our other clients (and technicians too!), We are careful to ensure that we are meeting and exceeding the state regulations for cleanliness in every way.  This helps to ensure a clean and safe environment for our clients, our technicians and our environment. (Check our State Board Rules & Regulations Here) 

We hear it alot, 'But "everyone else" does it'. That doesn't mean it's right. Ever think of where you may have picked up nail fungus?  If you got a manicure or pedicure at a facility that DOES provide nail services to someone who has a nail fungus, then the pedicure basins, implements, and surfaces could become contaminated with the fungus. Not every salon follows the proper safety measures and practices that are legally required. Make sure you ask!

You can rest at ease knowing that we set our standard of practice higher than those "other" places.

How We Keep You Safe

  • Our Nail Technician wears a disposable mask & gloves with each and every client
  • Each client gets their own disposable buffer, nail & foot files
  • ALL Metal implements are washed with warm soapy water, soaked in Barbacide for 10-15 minutes for proper disinfection between each client
  • Our pedicure bowls are lined with a new disposable plastic liner for each and every client
  • Pedicure bowls and counters are cleaned after each service with a hospital grade disinfectant

We get it though, it's embarrassing and you want to cover up the fungus, and we understand why!  Although, nail polish does not harbor bacteria it could in fact deter the healing process and we will not compromise your health, the health of our other clients or the health of our technicians, by doing something that will actually make the problem worse – or spread it further!

Please- If you believe you have nail fungus, seek medical attention immediately. After you have been cleared by your doctor and the fungus is gone, we will happily treat your much deserved feet to a pedicure.