Awesome skin starts the night before

The best way to ensure you have awesome looking skin tomorrow, is to start tonight!

Just like meal planning to stay on track with your healthy diet, or laying out your work clothes to save time in the morning – spending a little time on your face before you go to bed, will ensure that you have the best glow possible when you rise

First – ALWAYS CLEANSE No matter how tired you are, and epic your day was, spend a couple of minutes washing off old makeup, gunk and grime before your face touches your pillow. Yon-Ka Eau Micellaire, is one of our favorites! 

Next – Be sure to tone and moisturize. This will ensure your skin is absolutely clean and fresh and moisture replenished to ensure that your routine didn’t remove natural oils and dry your skin out.

I have heard of customers often sharing that they skip toning as they felt like it dried out their skin too much.

Chances are that they are using the wrong product for their skin type as toning should help balance your skin PH and shrink your pores visibility not dry it out.

For specific product recommendations, contact our spa to talk with our professional aesthetician to go through the right products for your skin type.

Given that you’re your skin cells grow faster while your sleep and are away from the damaging effects of the sun, wind and pollution – the more effort we can put into supporting their regeneration of these cells (which by the way includes actually getting some decent sleep hours in) the healthier our skin will look the next day.

Its all about habits – the more often you do it, the easier it becomes and soon you will feel an absolute need to get it done no matter the day you have had.

Share in the comments below your favorite products that you use at night, perhaps there is something out there I need to be testing out!