Why we use Essential Oils during a massage

There are two main reasons why a massage therapist may use essential oils in their treatments.

  •   Different oils can support your bodies in different ways such a detoxification, immune support, aiding digestion etc.

  •   The fragrance benefits that affect your mood and overall experience. When you smell certain smells you can be transported to a time and place of peace, joy and love. Such as cinnamon when your mom used to make apple pies, or orange and cloves during Christmas holidays.

    Lucky for you we use essential oils in our treatments for both reasons!

    When a client comes in, we always start with a consultation. We discuss what is happening in their body and their life.

    How are they feeling? Are they suffering from any specific conditions such as digestion problems, tight muscles, stress, dry skin or even lack of sleep?

    Its important that we know this information for then we can prepare a custom blend designed specifically for your body and mind. We sometimes even get clients to pick a fragrance that they like (I can usually tell which one makes you feel good simply by the big grin on your face after you take a good sniff).