Top 3 Acne Fighting Tips You Can Teach Your Teen

Lets talk acne. From mild pimples to the horrifically scarring variety – the emotional effect it can have on our teens is quite strong so I wanted to share with you today the single most important thing you can teach your son or daughter to help them reduce the impact. Will this strategy make them go away completely forever? Probably not. Will it help? ABSOLUTELY!

Before I share my secret lets just clarify some of the key reasons why acne occurs.

Two common drivers of acne include:

Increased sebum production:  Due to their hormones going all crazy thereby causing an increase in sebum production OR using certain products that actually dry their skin out severely (therefore telling their body they need MORE sebum to counteract the dryness).

Inflammation (or irritation): Sweating lots after sports (especially for boys) can irritate their skin as can over treating with drying out lotions or trying to hide the acne with pore clogging cosmetics can all cause inflammation.

So what can you teach your teen?           

1. Wash their face.

Tip number one is that simple! Keeping it clean and using a light moisturizer are the best practices your teen can do to help reduce the impact and severity for some of the more common types of acne.

So lets talk about face washing.

A common misconception about acne washing is to use hot water to help dissolve the “oiliness” of your skin, open your pores and wash away dead skin cells? However, did you know that hot water can actually have a negative impact on treating acne.
When your teen washes their skin with hot water they most definitely open their pores and wash away the sebum that is keeping their face lubricated. Wash away too much and their skins tells their body to make more. This is exactly what you don’t want their skin to do!

So how do we combat that vicious greasy cycle?    

By getting them to wash with cool to cold water using a PH balanced cleaner that your aesthetician can recommend for your child’s skin type will support the healing journey of their acne and their body will love it.
You too will love it, as you will see them getting happier and more confident in their own body as the embarrassing redness start to slowly subside.

2. Be Gentle

Encourage your child to be gentle with their skin. Not to use harsh chemical cleansers and exfoliants that are touted as fast acne solutions in department stores and infomercials as all they will be doing is irritating the skin and causing inflammation which will in the long run cause more acne.

3 Don’t Touch

Finally educate your teen as to why they shouldn’t pop and squeeze those buggers (as hard as it may seem) for it can spread bacteria and make more peoples pop up elsewhere! This is the hardest lesson by far and one I don’t expect every teen to follow religiously – but if we can at least reduce the frequency of popping it can only do good.

At the end of the day you and your child should absolutely seek professional advise from your preferred skin specialist if there is something severe that needs specialist attention but for the most part instilling a good basic skin care routine (even starting in the pre-teen stages to help them form the habit) will help the situation in the long run.