Treatment Spotlight- Alpha Vital

With age comes wisdom, maturity and greater insight into ourselves. While the aging we do within is wonderful, most of us would skip the visible signs of getting older. Fine lines, wrinkles, a dull complexion, and rough skin are just a few of the common woes of aging. However, you can recharge and regenerate skin with the anti-aging Alpha Vital fruit acid treatment at your nearest Yon-Ka center.

Younger looking skin is closer than you think.
Our Alpha Vital treatment relaxes, restores, and refreshes your skin. Starting with a calming aromatic compress and mist of five essential oils, you will feel tension melt away within the first few minutes of your treatment. Your certified Yon-Ka aesthetician will then buff away dead skin with a natural vegetable exfoliation, and follow with a fruit acid peel composed of organically sourced AHA and BHA (alpha and beta hydroxyl acids).  If you havenโ€™t already drifted into a state of total relaxation, the rejuvenating face and neck massage will surely put you in a state of Zen. As the final step in your treatment, a luxurious mask will then be applied and you will be awoken with energizing aromas.

A great one-time resurfacing boost for skin or an intense four session makeover.
Schedule an Alpha Vital treatment whenever skin appears dull or tired to bring out your natural glow and restore smoothness. The fruit acids will instantly reveal brighter, smoother skin and you will walk out of the spa with renewed confidence. The use of gentle fruit acids in this treatment gives you all of the benefits of exfoliation without any of the side effects. Skin will not be left red and raw like with many lesser quality anti-aging treatments. With just a little sunscreen, you can go about your normal routine starting the moment you leave your appointment. For those looking for a more intense anti-aging solution, packaging the Alpha Vital into a four session series can significantly diminish the signs of time and promote cellular renewal.

Resurface skin gently and effectively with this natural fruit acid treatment.
Downtime is a common concern when weighing the pros and cons of a peel or other resurfacing treatment. Alpha Vital uses natural fruit acids opposed to harsh chemicals so that skin can become smoother without increased sensitivity. There is no downtime after an Alpha Vital treatment, just a refreshed, more radiant complexion than before. - Shared from

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