Why Fibromyalgia Sufferers Turn To Massage

Although it may not necessarily be life threatening, Fibromyalgia sufferers are impacted every single day.

Combine the tell tale chronic pain with fatigue, mood swings and even memory problems and you have a significant impact on the quality of life. Imagine trying to manage your daily stresses of work, finances, kids and house chores all while being in constant significant pain.

It’s not fun and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone.

Many people with Fibromyalgia are opting to take control of their own treatment and try new things. One of the most significant steps they take is introducing regular massage therapy sessions into their plan.

At first there may be fear around whether it will hurt or not because of the sensitivities that sufferers feel and the pain they are already experiencing; but with each treatment more and more people are saying that they feel better, and healthier!

This is because Massage;

  • ✓  Increases circulation which ultimately means taking more of the good stuff (nutrients) to your muscles and taking away more of the bad stuff (such as lactic acid) out. An overall important step to positive health and wellbeing.

  • ✓  Increases DEEP sleep (due to feeling more relaxed) which is perfect as it gives your body a chance to work on healing and restoring itself back to equilibrium (which occurs only during our deep sleep cycles).

  • ✓  Releases muscles contractions which commonly are in a tense state for Fibromyalgia sufferers. Massage practitioners can help you teach your body to relax and rest those tired muscles.

  • ✓  Reduces depression through boosting feel good hormones and endorphins running through your body.

    When you’re living with Fibromyalgia the most important tool you have to keep your days brighter and moving forward is your mind and your mouth.

    Your mind to make the decision to connect with qualified practitioners who can support your body and reduce the pain you feel and your mouth to communicate what works and doesn’t work for you.

    If you want some help designing a massage treatment plan (or integrating massage in your existing treatment plan) then email me on hello@spalavielancaster.com so we can discuss which styles of massage will work best for you.