The Difference Between a Good and a Fantastic Massage Therapist!

So you made the commitment to yourself to start getting a regular massage and now have to find the right person to make you feel relaxed and awesome....but there are so many practitioners out there how can you possibly make a decision on who is the right one for you?

Below are my top 5 differences between a good therapist and a FANTASTIC one.

  1. Fantastic therapists make you feel welcomed, calm and relaxed before they have even started massaging you. Good therapists are polite and smile but there can sometimes be an intangible barrier.

  2. Fantastic therapists maintain their energy throughout the day. It takes a strong person with great stamina to give many treatments in a row. If you’re going to get treatment at the end of your workday – you want to make sure that your therapist gives you the same vibrancy that the 10am customer got.

  3. Fantastic therapists will accommodate your needs on the rule of talking. If you prefer to chat they will engage you and if you prefer silence they will sit with their thoughts. A good therapist will be silent and even if you want to chat, they will steer you to silence.

  4. Fantastic therapists will give you a glass of water after your treatment. This is to help your muscles to stay hydrated and relaxed. A Good therapist will tell you to drink water.

  5. Fantastic massage therapists run efficient businesses that run on time and have awesome customer service. They respect your time and your investment with them. Good therapists may run late for a variety of reasons external to their powers but struggle to bring their calendar back on schedule.

Regardless of whether you work with me or not, I want to be sure that you’re getting the service you deserve and the best way for me to do this (for I can’t massage everyone) is to educate you on how you can have the best experience.

Like any industry everyone has different skills, experiences and styles on how they treat their clients so its important that you find someone that works with your needs and resonates with you.

If your massage therapist is awesome, comment below what makes them so good so I can share future tips on what a fantastic therapist looks like.