Yon-Ka Paris

Enter the world of Phyto-Aromatic care for a unique aromatic experience. Yon-Ka Paris, a 100% French, pioneering and visionary brand since 1954. Nature, science, efficiency, wellness and high touch expertise are at the heart of its research. For more than 60 years the Yon-Ka laboratory has expanded and refined it’s expertise of the use of plant extracts and aromatic essential oils which are pristinely grown and certified.

Savor Beauty

"Korean Beauty Rituals... in a New York minute." The Savor Beauty skincare line is developed in New York where products are made fresh & organic in small batches.
Their mission is to break down “K-beauty: the exhausting skin-care regimen”  into accessible #1MinuteRituals using luxuries such as Champagne, Caviar and Truffles for the every woman. All the benefits, none of the exhaustion.


Developed by Master herbalist & clinical esthetician, Barbara Close, to address the primary cause of premature aging - inflammation. 
Every ingredient works with the skin's natural processes to promote skin health, restore skin youthfulness and delight the senses for overall well-being.

Sjolie Sunless

"We are a naturally derived, organic company because we care about your healthiness and want your natural beauty to shine." Sjolie Sunless is a family owned and operated company based out of Rocklin, CA.  It started with a simple mission: to make better sunless tanning products by making a better company than any other in the industry. Sjolie Sunless choose to source the world’s finest naturally derived ingredients and materials to create products you can be confident will provide you a dependable reputation as a health conscientious sunless professional in the community. "We have truly put our heart and soul into making Sjolie Sunless the best possible answer for your everyday sunless tanning needs."