Yon-Ka Paris Facials

In search of relaxation & results? Whether your skin is oily or dry, sensitive or normal, your expertly trained aesthetician will help to discover your skins most essential needs and develop a treatment program to give you the best results. 

Our Facials are broken down into 5 Unique Collections:

Essentials- Tailored for Every Skin Type & Conditions
Bliss - Exclusive & Holistic Beauty
Vital - First Signs of Aging Skin
Age Defy - Ultimate Anti- Aging; Mature Signs of Age
Medi- Specific - Advanced Clincial & Targeted Care

Not sure which facial to choose? No worries, your Aesthetician is a licensed professional, certified by Yon-Ka Paris to help you. A thorough consultation begins each treatment to transform your skin. We understand the importance of natural, tailor-made skincare and how having great skin is a key to your confidence and sense of well-being. Working together with botanicals and technology advanced machines, we have some of the most refined, yet  powerful and effective skin care treatments and products available.

The Essential Collection - Tailored for Every Skin Type & Condition

Go beyond the essentials to target a specific skin concern and boost your results to meet your skin care goals. We've got a handful of one-of-kind enhancements that you could add-on to your 60 or 90 minute facial. Ask your Aesthetician for more details.


Classic Tailored Facial    110

Deep Cleansing - Includes Extractions

If you only get one facial...this is absolutely the one to have. One of the most elaborate, complete facials. Whether your skin lacks radiance, is dull or impure with blocked pores, this Classic Tailored Facial leaves you with clean, perfectly balanced skin and a radiant complexion.


Hydralessence     95

Long-lasting ultra-hydrating facial; All Dehydrated skin

This high-performance treatment will quickly help to restore skin's balance, suppleness & softness.


Teen Facial     45

For ages 13-19 Only

Good habits start young.. and that includes healthy skin habits. This introductory mild, deep-pore cleansing facial is adapted specially for teenage skin. Your skin will look and feel so good that you'll keep coming back for more.

The Bliss Collection - Holistic Beauty


Crystal Bliss     95

(Available with Heather Thursdays ONLY)

Are you in search of a unique "nirva-nesque" treatment? Engage all your senses with aromas and an energy balancing ritual with gemstones that will restore your sense of well-being.

Young Woman Washing Her Face

Reiki Bliss Facial
60m     95
90m     115

(Available with Heather Thursdays ONLY)

Facials are a go-to for youthful, glowing skin.  Now, imagine if you pair that with an ancient healing energy that brings a glow from the inside out, as well.  Our Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) Bliss Yon-ka facial will leave you so radiant, it will be noticed by all!

* Revitalize dull complexion with a hydrating, aromatic citrus peel
* Reduce fine lines and plump the skin with anti-aging massage techniques
* Even skin tone and smoother texture deep cleansed pores
* Reduce stress and energize the body with the ancient healing properties of Reiki
* Re-balance Chakras and Cleanse the body of toxic energies/emotions


Aroma Bliss     90

Relaxing, Aromatherapy journey

Indulge in a succession of massages that invite you into and experience 'par excellence', invigorating & oxygenating. Improve well-being during this sensory rich escape, release stress and tension as the skin in pampered by the art of touch and the journey of aromatic elixirs work their magic.

The Vital Collection - First Signs of Age


Vital Radiance     105

Radiance-enhancing & Resurfacing Treatment

A resurfacing facial instantly improves skin's roughness by restoring a healthy cell renewal cycle with botanical fruit acids. Your skin will become visibly smoother and brighter, without a hint of sensitivity.


Vital Intense w/ Dermafiles™   105

Rejuvenating & Regenerating Treatment

An alternative to traditional microdermabrasion, the skin polishing and resurfacing tool is made of stainless steel and finely crushed diamonds. We will lightly polish the skin by hand, removing the top layer of dead skin cells, and leaving velvety smooth, fresh, rejuvenated skin. (Suitable for All Skin types)


Vital Defense     95

Antioxidant & anti-pollution cleansing

This is an anti-aging prevention, antioxidant and anti pollution facial that combats the signs of aging caused by the stresses of living. Any skin lacking in vitality, lifeless skin and dull complexions will all benefit from this facial, all with the relaxing massage and natural aromas, it's one not to be missed.

Age Defy Collection - Mature Skin; Lines, Wrinkles, Sagging Skin


Ultimate Age Defy      150

Global Age Defying Treatment

A premium expert facial for the exceptional needs of mature, hormonally imbalanced skin. Your skin looks visibly younger, firmer, and plumper. Wrinkles fade away, and your complexion is brighter and unblemished. This treatment called the "non-surgical facelift". Not only will you be incredibly relaxed, you will see instant results with each treatment.


-Fine lines, creases, & wrinkles
-Circulation & lymphatic drainage
-Rejuvenates the natural 'glow' of youth
-Firms & Contours skin
-Tightens sagging jowls
-Reduces acne & rosacea
-Reduces dark circles & puffiness under the eyes
No other esthetic service can come close to these prove results!


Signature Toning Facial

Single Treatment     100

Series of 8 $730
Series of 12 $900

An intensive firming & toning age correction treatment

This incomparable anti-aging treatment acts like a "personal trainer" sending safe, painless impulses to the muscles in your face that help overly tightened muscles to relax and helps under worked muscles to regain strength. In essence, facial toning “re-educates” the facial muscles and restores them back almost to their original shape. Leaves you feeling confident & looking red carpet ready. Your complexion is firmed & facial fatigue is replaced with an intense glow.

Age Defy    115

Offering 3 professional treatment options

The promise of youthful, radiant skin that brims with life & vitality is based on three corrective functions; anti-wrinkle, firming and dark spots. These popular treatments feature high potency seurms, double exfoliation, & exclusive professional masks. Regardless of what treatment is best for you, each one is designed to deliver unparalleled results with both immediate and long-term benefits; skin appears rejuvenated and renewed.

The Medi-Specific Collection - Advanced Clinical & Targeted Care


Bright & Light
60m    100
30m    75

Series of 4 $325 + $50 Credit for Home Care

A tailor made professional skin care intensive featuring NEW products with exclusive active ingredients to fight dark spots and brighten complexion. To fast track your brightenig results, A one month renewable custom expert program featuring a 60 min treatment and 3x 30 min treatments.

Purity    95

Purifying & Re-balancing for impure, stressed & aggressed skin

A purifying and balancing treatment to clarify the skin and help regulate sebum production for those with acne skin. A 5 step purifying process allows for deep, yet gentle cleansing which promotes healing and regeneration. Soothing and softening for all acne types, this facial can be enjoyed once a week or monthly as needed.

L.E.D Facial     35

Known as the "Magic Light" LED phototherapy has been used by Hollywood to treat multiple skin conditions; acne, pigmentation, fine lines. After cleansing and exfoliaton, the mask is placed on the face for up to 20min.

Add On to Any Facial    25