Holistic & Bespoke Facials

Our holistic approach considers how skin imbalances like acne, rosacea and premature aging are influenced by more than what you put on your skin.

Skin Personalities, our alternative to skin types, provide a more holistic look at skin health to help you achieve radiant skin from the inside out.

Skin Personalities:

Adaptive - Resilient skin that requires minimal attention
Stress Reactive - Highly sensitive to factors; diet, lifestyle, environment
Hormone Reactive -Influenced by the ebb & flow  of hormones
Mature - Thin skin lacking moisture, may show signs of age

Wellness Membership: $79/month - Choose either a 60m Bespoke Facial, 60m Nirvana or Arnica Massage or Aroma Fusion Massage each month. Plus, receive 20% off additional services. ( Some restrictions apply. Ask your skin care provider for more information to sign up.)

Hands on Consultation   $45/20mins

This brief encounter will help you to discover your skin care goals and introduce you to a home care regime to enhance your desired results. Enjoy a thorough cleansing, skin analysis & hydration. After your session a treatment plan and product suggestions will be recommended to benefit your glowing complexion.  ($25 credit is applied to your retail purchase day of consultation.)

The Holistic Facial  90MINS: $145

Your facial starts with a conversation identifying your Skin Personality that includes diet, stress level and current skin care.

Next we tailor the products to each Skin Personality, combining signature, sensory elements like detoxifying lymphatic brushing, relaxing aromatherapy and massage with the latest in active skin care.

You will leave with a holistic prescription of skin care, beauty foods, herbal remedies and well-being rituals that deliver true and lasting results. (15-30min Consultation + 60 - 75min Facial = 90min)

The Bio-Energy lift 75MINS: $125 | 45MINS: $75

This luxurious treatment delivers instant skin rejuvenation by accelerating cellular respiration, bringing fatigued, over-stressed skin back to life. Skin becomes re-energized with our micro-current device.

This incomparable anti-aging treatment acts like a "personal trainer" sending safe, painless impulses to the muscles in your face that help overly tightened muscles to relax and helps under worked muscles to regain strength. (Signature Toning available as a mini 45 minute option)  Read more about Micro-current here.

The Bespoke   60MINS: $100

If you only get one facial...this is absolutely the one to have.

One of the most elaborate and complete facials, whether your skin lacks radiance, is dull or impure with blocked pores, this classically tailored facial leaves you with clean, perfectly balanced skin and a radiant complexion.

Experience dramatic results with this fundamental facial & indulge in once a month to keep skin healthy and in top condition.

The Pure results Facial   $55/30mins

This is as efficient as any facial can be. It is designed to be short & sweet enough to squeeze into your lunch hour. 

Whatever your needs, in 30 minutes, your skin will look and feel so good you'll keep coming back for more. What better way to reward yourself when time is short! Good habits start young...perfectly designed for teens!

The Men's Re-balancing Facial  $75/45mins

For Men Only - Designed and customized for men's skin (and beard) care needs. A complete balancing facial will cleanse and relax while effectively renewing skin tone and texture.

L.E.D MASK.jpg

L.E.D Mask

Known as the "Magic Light" LED photo-therapy has been used by Hollywood to treat multiple skin conditions; acne, pigmentation, fine lines.

$35 / 20MINS


Prepare for you facial

A health history form is mandatory prior to all facial, massage and body treatments.

First time visiting us for a facial? Save some time and fill out our facial form below prior to your visit. If one is not submitted you will be required to fill one out at time of your visit. Late arrivals: Treatment times will not be extended.


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Our recommendations

Your visit to our spa is the beginning of a positive relationship between you and your aesthetician.

Good skin care products and professional skin care regimens are important in maintaining healthy skin.

Clinical skin care treatments provide 50% of skin improvements and the remaining 50% is done with the prescribed home care products.

We use proven ingredients such as seed oils, pro-biotics and botanical extracts to nourish the skin barrier and enriched product formulas with clean cosmeceuticals; plant stem cells, AHAs, retinols and peptides that provide real benefits to the skin.


Treatment times are reserved especially for you! We kindly request that cancellations or changes to appointments be made at least 24 hours in advance for single services and 72 hours in advance for multiple treatments.

Cancellations less than 24 hours may be charged 50% of the service total. Thank you for respecting our time, and others who wish to have the appointment time.

Missed/No Show - We understand that sometimes in life we can forget. We simply ask that if you miss your appointment, please call to reschedule. However, you will be charged the full amount of your service total if we do not hear from you by end of business that day.

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